Why Use Drones in Real Estate

Hands down, and by far- the smoothest, most cinematic & interesting elevated views can be achieved by flying drones for Real Estate in Video. We all know that when used correctly, drones can enhance and at times make a video, but you don't want to over do it. So, here are some tips on how to ensure you are making the most of your Drone Video.


Slow is our friend! It prevents jerkiness, and sharp or abrupt angle changes. The slower, the more cinematic appeal your video will have. Though I am sure there are applications for quick accelerated flight, for the most part, slow is our friend.

Low can be high

Low can be high

We don't always have to fly at above 250 feet. In fact sometimes elevation of 100 feet or less can create some pretty captivating footage. You can use flying low altitude sliders and other techniques to really enhance a video. You can also fly INSIDE a home or property! (Be really careful here- fly at your own risk).

Hire a professional

Any Drone Pilot worth their fees, should provide you with the smoothest cinematic video you can muster up. The reason for that is exposure and experience helps get a feel for the right flow and storyline behind a shoot. Aerial footage taken off of an amateur drone pilots cam, is a as obvious as the video we have seen taken off of an Iphone for real estate.

Have any ideas or suggestions?

Enzo Melana is the founder of Helicopix Inc, a Division pf Print Media Works. He can be reached at enzo@helicopix.com